“The Likoni” (YA – Science Fiction Romance) Published as an ashcan in 1998, “The Likoni” was a freshman year english lit project that was picked up by comic book artist, Sam Campos (Pineapple Man, Dragonfly) UPDATE: Complete REIMAGINING!!! See more unfold soon!

“Shift” – (YA – Supernatural Romance) After the loss of her mother, young Julia ‘Iolani Lyons life spirals out of control as she discovers powers beyond her control and her innate ability to Change into an Animal. This story is about adolescence, loss of family and love and the journey one special girl goes on to figure out who and what she really is. UPDATE: Publishing a chapter every week!

“Kalani, The Heavens” – (Adult Romance) A multiple book Romance Series based in Hawaii. About one family and their romantic trials. UPDATE: In development