I am a writer of worlds. Let us hope that I can get them out of my brain before I go crazy!

I was born and raised in Hawaii. Iʻve lived all over the Islands until 2001 when I moved to NYC. Since then Iʻve lived in California, multiple locations in Hawaii and most currently in New Jersey.

I have worked in and managed restaurants, dabbled in modeling and acting, done office work… Iʻve even owned and worked a berry farm. All throughout my “lives” I have had an urge to write. Iʻve written but never published… this website will be a testament to my journey.


“The Paradise Post” A monthly journal published out of Honokaʻa, Hawaii. A publication primarily focused on Hawaiʻi and all things.

“The Likoni” – a limited run of an ashcan based on a story I wrote long ago…