TUESDAY REVIEWS DAY!!! Peter Steigerwald’s “The ZooHunters” Issue #2

So … MELE KALIKIMAKA everybody!!! I did write this on Tuesday but with all the commotion and craziness and LOVE of Christmas, I didn’t get to finish this until right now… 2AM -ish CHRISTMAS MORNING!!! Its my son’s first Christmas!!! So EXCITED!!!

And since I’m writing about excitement…

I am so flipping excited to write about The ZooHunters!!! Peter Steigerwald is not only one of my favorite people in this universe, he is now one of my favorite Authors.

But before we go there… I got a random comment from someone I don’t know complaining that I only give good reviews. YES THAT IS TRUE. I will ONLY give good reviews. There is too much TROLLING and bad reviewing going on out there that I feel no need to add to the negativity. If you would like to read horrible reviews… go to Amazon or Goodreads. Lots of bad and badly written reviews there.

Now where was I… oh yes…

“Dear Mom,

It still feels strange to write to you like this knowing you’ll never read these.

You died.”

If you have lost someone close to you… a mother, father… grandmother… you know that feeling. The author pours life and heart into the depth of this little boy’s journal to his mom.

If this opening doesn’t make you want to pick up the latest issue of The ZooHunters to find out what happened… then we can’t be friends. (Go HERE for my blog on issue #1.) Maybe that statement is a tad emotional and harsh but I’m a new mommy and I’m allowed. I’ve even renamed this blog from “Monkey Monster Thoughts” to “MOMMY Monkey Monster Thoughts.” I see things differently now. I’m not saying I see things better or clearer… just different.

Back to this BEAUTIFUL comic…

This comic makes all those different mommy feelings come alive. The comic is about FAMILY and reconnecting. It’s about growing up and lislittle boy’s journal to his mom.

Most comic books I have perused usually catch my initial attention with phenomenal art. Example: Michael Turner’s “Fathom” Vol 1. I was FLOORED by the artwork. (pencils by Michael Turner and colors by Peter Steigerwald) I drooled over it’s pages! I’m from Hawaii… I can see that stuff all the time… but there was just something about the way that that man drew… It was stunning. And… I didn’t actually READ the comic until a week or so later. (I’ve all ready admitted this to JT Krul, the author) The art was almost TOO AWESOME.

Such is the case with “The ZooHunters”… sort of. I am FLOORED by the art. It is a feast for the eyes. And in this case the Artist IS the Author. I could read this WITHOUT the art. The art — BREATHTAKING and DROOL WORTHY — lends itself to the story. It is the WRITING that makes me turn the page. It is truly amazing. I was mesmerized. Great balance in storytelling. We learn more about his characters and we watch the father and son connect on deeper levels. Also the characters from Issue #0 collide with our little family at the end of this issue.

I can’t wait to fly deeper into The ZooHunter universe.

I can’t wait until Steigerwald writes a novel.

Just saying…

Issue #2 came out CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Get your copy at your local comic book store or at http://www.aspenstore.com

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