TAG LINE FOR “The Change”!!!!!

Hi all…

I have been told by my writing/artist/screenwriting/writing/friends that you need to be able to get into an elevator and give a description of your project to those standing there before the doors open again…

NOW I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my TAGLINE!!! I have my explanation!!! I can get into an elevator with you and tell you what “The Change” is about from the first floor to the second floor!!! Hopefully you’ll stay until at least the tenth floor so I can tell you more!!!


“After the loss of her Mother, young Julia’s life spirals further out of control when she discovers her innate ability to Change into an Animal.”


PS… Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA… I’m furiously rewriting, editing and proofing “The Change.” My head space has been taken up by Julia’s world…

  1. That’s a hell of a tag line. My interest is piqued. My curiosity is flying. You can have a lot of creative fun / emotional fun and sadness with that concept. I hope I get to read this one day, and thanks for the support in your previous blog entry. Mike

  2. YOU WILL!!! The first book is going through that AWESOMELY INSANE PROCESS we ALL LOVE … REWRITES and EDITING! I’ve had one incredible friend do an entire read of the 7th draft and she was able to flush out some holes and continuity problems I had. I am now on the 9th Draft and steamrolling along. I am hoping to be done with this draft by the end of this month.

    And of course I support you!!! You’re awesome! How is the “13” project coming along???

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