Rest in Eternal Music, Lina.

A few days ago a great inspiration passed away. Thank you Mrs. Lina Doo for your support, vivacity, creativity and love. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for your SONG.

For you Mrs Lina Doo,

I sing a song of beauty,
Of kindness and of love.
You sing the songs of Angels
In that great Theatre above.

Where everyone has perfect pitch,
and follows your direction.
Where your students learn their music,
With FOCUS and Intention.

You taught a song of learning,
Of passion and of strength.
You taught me how to sing MY song,
At least you tried to at great length.

All the many lives you touched
Will sing your song anew
We sing full of love and heart
For you, Mrs Lina Doo.

By Pili Nathaniel

TAG LINE FOR “The Change”!!!!!

Hi all…

I have been told by my writing/artist/screenwriting/writing/friends that you need to be able to get into an elevator and give a description of your project to those standing there before the doors open again…

NOW I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my TAGLINE!!! I have my explanation!!! I can get into an elevator with you and tell you what “The Change” is about from the first floor to the second floor!!! Hopefully you’ll stay until at least the tenth floor so I can tell you more!!!


“After the loss of her Mother, young Julia’s life spirals further out of control when she discovers her innate ability to Change into an Animal.”


PS… Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA… I’m furiously rewriting, editing and proofing “The Change.” My head space has been taken up by Julia’s world…