Hi all,

So as I have mentioned… or maybe I haven’t mentioned but I have thought about it and further thought I mentioned it but never did because I have these conversations with myself in my head that I think I write down but never actually do and when I look for the written words from my head I find that they never existed.

Except for maybe in my head.

So I have decided to PLOT. I have formally mentioned somewhere on some blog, if not my own, that I am a FREEWRITER. I writeandwriteandwriteandwrite to just let the ideas and plotlines flow as they might. It has worked so far… until recently. I feel so stopped up with Ideas that the Ideas are begining to mesh into this weird beefstew in my head. By PLOTTING I feel I might get a grasp on the freewheeling crazyfacing hotsteamingmessofconsciousness in my brain.

An UPDATE on “The Change”: Two AWESOME friends, a College Lit Professor and a Writer/Production Madam of Disney and such, have both read a full draft of “The Change”!!! I will be speaking with them this coming week and hopefully begin the next phase of “The Change” in which I begin to really hone the book into a solid piece.

I am also thinking about PLOTTING out “The Change”. That way I can make sure the characters, plots, actions, timeline, though line… ALL MAKE SENSE (to someone other than myself).

Thank you once again to Mike Wolfson whose BLOG,, I read semi-religiously. His latest blog features a chart done by JK Rowling and the Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot. Please go check his blog.