I have been NAMED.

A reply to a blog post by fellow (awesome) writer Mike Wolfson. Click on his name to read his blog! In his latest entry he gives me a name and this was my response.

Is that what I am?

Am I what that is?



Wow. Mind blown. You have just given me a name Mister Wolfson. Thank you. 

I am very rarely named.

My stories usually flow out of the characters that jump out of my head. The only reference I have is Athena jumping out of her fathers head. Its kinda like that but without the godly Greek powers. 

Stories form around these characters as they come to life in words. Some of them come from the part of my heart that is broken. Some come from the mean bitch in my head. One character resembled my foot if my foot had been stepped on many times by a Kentucky Derby horse named George.

The blood flows into my keyboard when I start introducing these characters. Some of them get along rather well while others are so put off by the other that they demand to be in another story entirely. 

And so a world is created by the characters that live in it. 

And isn’t that what the world is anyway? It is what it is because I perceive it to be what it is.

I am Pili Freewriter Nathaniel. 

Thank you again for my new name.


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