I’m all over the place….

OKAY okay okay. So I haven’t been very good at writing in here. No one is reading anyway so it doesn’t really matter… does it?

Since I was last here I have been to Minnesota, San Francisco and I am currently in New York. I was in Minnesota helping my Grandmother and her sister. I was in San Francisco for a Treat. And… I am in NYC right now getting over the FLU and doing research for “The Change”.

Minnesota taught me (1) not to waste my life feeling sorry for myself, (2) stop blaming others for my problems and (3) If I don’t like it… change it. The overall lesson was… LIFE IS SHORT. How many times have you heard that statement. Well… I DON’T CARE if it is over used. The statement is too true to be cliche. I was in a rut of my own making and it took my own WILLPOWER to tear myself out of it.

Below: Mississippi River near St. Cloud, Minnesota.

San Francisco was a TREAT! Again with the clichés… AND… if you don’t like it go read someone else’s brain snot. San Francisco taught me the power of FRIENDSHIP. Life long friends coming back into my life and TELLING ME THE TRUTH. A multitude of truths they were afraid to tell me because of the situation I had been in. I was too hardheaded to hear them and they were too afraid to lose my friendship. The outcome… I lost their friendship for many years. (Side note here: Have you ever tried to CLOSE YOUR EARS? Try it. NOW try it with out the use of your hands. You really can’t. You can close your eyes and mouth but God or WhoeverWhateveryoubelievein made it physically impossible to close ones ears.) I AM LISTENING NOW!!!! Thank you to my friends. You know who you are.

Below: Candlestick Park. 49ers vs Bears. First Game Kaepernick started in. Score 32-7. The Niners thrashed the Bears. That was a Treat!

New York. I Love. Sneeze. Ahh. New York. Cough. Spit. Damn Flu. (If you haven’t gotten the shot… GET IT. It may not help but if it can tame any of the symptoms… TRUST ME… you be a much happier puppy.) With the help and love of one of the best men I know, I am getting over one of the WORST. FLUs. EVER. Ask the newscasters and doctors and New Yorkers. Ask 47 of our States. (Hawaii and two others still haven’t been hit.) WORST FLU EVER. I haven’t been this sick since I was a kid. I took everything! Advil, Tylenol, Mucinex, Nyquil, Alkaselzer…. nothing worked until I finally put on my big girl panties and went to a doctor. He gave me Prometh with Codeine cough syrup and told me to take Zyrtec-D and hold tight. This was a lying in a pool of sweat coughing up both my lungs having freaky codeine induced dreams head cold body achy head hammering phlegm that’s all colors of the rainbow if the rainbow was a shade of brownish green… AND I’m getting over it. Today is the best I’ve felt in a week.

Below: Best Cookies Ever. Whole Foods. The only gluten-free cookie worth eating. Yummy. Only Found in NYC. COOKIES WOULD MAKE ME FEEL EVEN BETTER!!!! Just saying…

After I’m done here I’m going to start a Health and Wellness Blog for my Family. My little cousins Chelsea and Kristian asked me to help them out by being their coach. In my foggy, codeine crazed state of FLU-ness… I said YES!.  I’m going to start writing a blog for them to follow. Maybe I can get the rest of the family on board???

After I’m done with that I am going to start reading “The Change.” OH… WAIT… I haven’t told you yet. I FINISHED A WORKING COPY about a month ago. YIPPEE!!! It is NOT DONE. I am so happy though. I have something to work with!!!

Much love and gallons of cough syrup.


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